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EQ Works provides a smarter way to target customers using Location Behavior. Using first-party, location-based behavior signals, advanced data analytics, and proprietary software, EQ Works creates and targets customized, performance-boosting audience segments. Proprietary algorithms and data, combined with Artificial Intelligence, generate attribution models that connect consumer behavior in the physical world to behavior in the digital world, helping solve complex challenges for brands and agencies.


Who will I be working with?

EQ Works employs 30-ish people, ranging from developers who communicate using GIFs to salespeople/crooners extraordinaire and AdOps (or account) people who are like the human version of a dad joke. You’ll primarily work with 6-ish people on the sales and account management teams, and you'll eat lunch with them too because your supervisor (Eric, the most humble leader and a huge foodie) fosters a culture of socialization over meals. Jed Schneiderman, a founder of M2T, will whiz by while telling you about organizational issues that you can get to solving right away.

What am I going to be working on?

These are some projects that Ali (summer 2019 rotation) worked on. EQ isn’t a start-up but operates a bit like one so your projects could be similar… or not. It depends on your interests & the business’ needs. No matter what you work on, you’ll get to take matters into your own hands and own it.

  • She owned sales reporting, provided recommendations that were immediately put into action, and troubleshooted the system until recommending a change

  • She created sales/marketing materials like one-pagers, newsletters and decks

  • She planned an event that will strategically position EQ Works as leaders in a world with different cookie & privacy policies


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