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About Us

"M2T was designed to

give marketers a 360° view of the marketing industry"

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The Program

Welcome to M2T, the rotational program designed to give you a unique and valuable experience in the field of marketing. Over the course of a year, you will have the opportunity to work on three different marketing teams at Intuit, Kijiji, and Publicis Media, spending four months on each team.

We are a collective of like-minded professionals working in the marketing, media and technology space. We see the challenges that exist with the norm, and believe that we can change our industry for the better through our most powerful asset – talent.

We created the M2T Rotational Program with the vision to bridge the gap between talent and the rate of change in the marketing, media, and technology space.

Participating companies for the 2024/24 rotation are:


The Cohort

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We are proud to introduce our current cohort of M2T participants, all of whom bring valuable experience. Through M2T they will work at LinkedIn, Intuit, Starbucks, Publicis Media, EQ Works, and MIQ. Get to know our team members by clicking the button below below and learn more about all of our M2T Rotational Program graduates.

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